“May I thank you for giving me the best Christmas present I have ever had. When I took the dressing off my eye it was like being reborn. For the first time in sixty years I didn’t need to wear specs and my new world is full of colour and sharpness. I am just full of joy…”

Thank you for trying to make me look good in the future. I appreciate all what you have done and what you are going to do further. May God bless you and your family at home and abroad.

I really appreciate the excellent surgery you performed on my eye. I think it is brilliant.

Just a note to thank you for your splendid surgery last Friday a very informative and caring experience throughout. I am most thrilled at the outcome. Everything in the distance is now quite sharp again and car numbers are a revelation.

Thank you! For doing such a great job on the operation of my eye. It’s so wonderful to be able to see again….

I’m writing this using the one good eye that you have improved. Thank you so much. I’m writing this card with no glasses on!! (One and a half hours after the operation).

Thank you for the dedicated nursing services which were so kindly afforded me during the course of my treatment for a growth on my eyelid. I cannot speak too highly of the professionalism which I encountered at every stage of my treatment….

I want to congratulate you on having a team so aware of empathy. It was something of a pleasure to attend for day surgery